The Fund for Human need (FHN) is a small Methodist-affiliated charity established in 1960 to relieve poverty and hunger.  Relief payments (once only, up to a maximum of £120) are made, irrespective of faith, ethnic origin or social group to individuals in the UK. Priority is given to those who are destitute or have no income or benefits, to those who are particularly vulnerable and to those where a small amount of money will make a significant difference.


Applications for payments, preferably using the form on the website, or by email or letter should set out the circumstances giving rise to the need for a payment and include details of any income and benefits and personal expenses.  It is recommended that whenever possible applications are made on behalf of an individual by a recognised organisation (see below*).

Organisations are asked to submit a maximum of two applications per month and to note the details required and the priorities stated on our application page: Please click here >>

Asylum seekers receiving an asylum allowance MUST apply through a recognised organisation which is able to receive the payment and organise any purchases on behalf of the applicant.  Direct payments made to asylum-seekers may result in deductions being made from their relief payments and affect any claim they make.

Payments are made to relieve personal distress. They are not made to cover debt, to  pay scholarships, university or college fees, or to individuals living outside the UK or to projects run by other organisations.

*Recognised organisations include registered charities, community groups, churches, housing associations, NHS trusts or local authorities.


We aim to respond to applications within a month or less.

The meeting at which payments are allocated is normally held towards the end of each month, but where even a small delay will obviously cause additional distress we try to reply within a few days.  We reply to everyone who applies as soon as possible after each awards meeting, either by email or letter.

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